Assorted Selection – November 2021

ASSORTED SELECTION  /  november 2021

avo domaine 10 tubos

Avo Domaine 10 Tubos

The Avo line of premium cigars has its roots firmly planted before the cigar boom of the mid 90s. Like most good things, Avo cigars were born of a chance meeting between composer and entrepreneur, Avo Uvezian and master cigar maker Hendrik Kelner of Davidoff fame. The details of their first meeting in the Dominican Republic are a little fuzzy, but the two became close friends and developed a cigar together that bore Avo’s name. The 1st cigars were sold in 1987 in New York, and they quickly gained notoriety for their delicate, well balanced flavors. Uvezian approached blending like composing, understanding how different components affected the overall to finished product. Kelner worked hand in hand with him to bring his visions to life. He also convinced Avo to let Davidoff handle his distribution and eventually purchase the brand. Though Avo passed away a few years ago, the brand continues to create masterful blends that are well received.

Avo Domaine is a blend that has stood the test of time. The blend was conceived and released in the late 1990s and has been in continuous production since using the original formula. Of course there have been a few tweeks along the way to maintain uniform flavor, but its continued success is a testament to the quality of the blend created by Avo Uvezian and Hendrik Kelner. The blend begins with highly aromatic tobacco harvested from Avo’s private estate for the filler and binder. The wrapper is a beautiful Ecuadorian Shade-Grown leaf that is slightly darker than most shade-grown leaves. Tasting notes include exceptionally rich flavors of browned butter, nuts, and coffee with hints of vanilla, spice, and earth. Avo Domaine is a classic blend from this storied brand.

La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo Robusto

La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo Robusto

La Gloria Cubana is a storied brand with a rich history, and it is recognized the world over as one of the finest premium cigar brands. The brand was reincarnated for American consumers by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. In the mid 1990s, the brand developed a cult following and set them on a trajectory for success. The brand grew so quickly in fact, that Perez-Carrillo, opened a new factory in the Dominican republic. With his meteoric growth during the cigar boom, he sold his brand and factory to General Cigar in 1999, but he continued to oversee the factory and blending for another decade before handing over the reins to his team and retiring (at least for some time). La Gloria Cubana continues to be a leader in the industry that produces distinct, Cuban inspired blends that continue to captivate the hearts and minds of cigar smokers everywhere.

The La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo is made at the storied El Credito factory in the Dominican Republic. The blend gets its name from a special leaf of tobacco known as Medio Tiempo. This rare tobacco leaf occurs when two additional leaves sprout above the plant’s highest priming, allowing the tobacco to capture the lion’s share of sunlight, nutrients and taste characteristics. The blend begins with hand-selected USA Havana Connecticut Medio Tiempo, Dominican Piloto Cubano, Nicaraguan leaves from Estelí, and Honduran La Entrada filler tobaccos along with a Connecticut Broadleaf binder. Topping the blend is a rich Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. Tasting notes include bold layers of coffee, leather, and nuts with hints of butter and savory spices. La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo is another exceptional blend in the La Gloria portfolio of premium cigars.

purofino vida del fuego

Purofino Vida del Fuego Toro

Purofino is an uncommon name in the industry, but it’s a brand that has roots that pre-date the infamous cigar boom of the mid 1990s. The brand was founded by Dr. Roger Ralphs, a Harvard researcher who traveled the world studying anthropology of indigenious peoples. It was on his travels to Central America that he was first introduced to the use of sacred tobacco in cultural ritual. He was absolutely enamored with what he learned, and he continued to study its use for years to come in locations around the world. When Roger finally retired from his travels and research, he settled down and began to craft his own premium cigar for his personal enjoyment. He shared his cigars with friends, and they quickly convinced him to create one of the first, premium boutique cigar lines. Roger was not afraid to use what were considered exotic tobaccos at the time to create his blends. He quickly became recognized by many industry professionals as being a first rate blender and maker of uniquely delicious gourmet cigars.

Purofino Vida del Fuego is a terrific cigar made in the “Cigar Capital of the World,” Tamboril in the Dominican Republic. It’s an appropriate name for this cigar as Vida del Fuego translates to “fire life.” True to the brand’s roots of boutique, small-batch cigars, the blend features several small-crop tobaccos grown with the utmost care. The blend begins with some excellent Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos for the filler core, and is covered with a wrapper-grade Ecuadorian Habano leaf for the binder. Resting graciously atop the blend is a beautiful genuine Sumatra wrapper that is medium-brown in color and has a slightly oily sheen. This refreshing blend is medium bodied with nice flavors of cream, coffee, and toasted nuts along with hints of light pepper and dried fruits. Purofino Vida del Fuego has a lovely aroma and flavor that is worthy of the brand’s history of producing gourmet cigars.

vegas cubanas generoso by my father cigar co.

Vegas Cubanas Generoso by My Father

On one hand you can count the number of cigar makers who arrived on the scene and changed the game. At the top of that very short list is Jose “Pepin” Garcia, and boy did he turn the industry on its ear. At the time, there was no one making cigars that captured the essence and flavor of Cuban cigars. His unique fermenting and blending style, coupled with his small batch production in Miami, quickly catapulted his cigars to the top of aficionados hit lists. With his well-deserved success, expansion was the only way to keep up with demand. He quickly established the My Father factory in Nicaragua and began to transfer production and expand his portfolio. One of his first brands was Vegas Cubanas. While it was initially made in his Miami factory, after its opening, he shifted production of this brand to his new Nicaraguan operation.

Vegas Cubanas is Don “Pepin” Garcia’s tribute to the beautiful tobacco fields in Cuba that he spent his youth working in. The brand name comes from the name given to tobacco fields in Cuba- “Vegas.” As a tribute style cigar, Pepin selected a fine blend of tobaccos to be used in this brand, featuring Nicaraguan filler and binder leaves, along with a Corojo Rosado hybrid wrapper leaf that he developed. This medium bodied cigar features tasting notes of pepper, earth, and cedar with hints of citrus, cocoa, and leather. Vegas Cubanas is a classic blend that will remind you of the 1st cigars produced by Don “Pepin” Garcia.

gurkha real churchill

Gurkha Real Churchill

Steeped in legend and history, the Gurkha Cigar originally created more than a century ago, was reborn in 1992. They were known for their meticulously and artisanally handcrafted cigars, but when the brand was revived, they carried those same ideals into the packaging. These new cigars would create what was one of the world’s first super premium cigars. Elegance and luxury are the new hallmarks for the Gurkha brand. Each blend to bear the name is exceptionally crafted using the finest tobaccos and packaged with care using the finest quality packaging in the industry. Their beautiful looking cigars and packaging draw you in, but it’s the flavors and quality of the tobacco that keeps you coming back for more.

Gurkha Real is a fantastic blend for those looking for beauty and elegance on the milder side of the taste spectrum. These beautiful cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic and feature a complex blend of tobaccos to deliver complex flavors while maintaining superb balance. The blend begins with select Dominican Criollo ‘98 Ligero and Nicaraguan Criollo ‘98 Seco filler tobaccos along with an Olor Dominicano binder leaf. The wrapper is a glowing, silky-smooth Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf. This blend offers well balanced flavors of cream, caramel, and cedar, with delicate hints of honey-roasted nuts and vanilla. The Gurkha Real is as beautiful to look at as it is to smoke and enjoy.