Mild-Medium Selection


Selection Includes One Each Of The Following Items:

  • Ashton Classic Churchill
  • Oliva Serie G Cameroon Torpedo
  • H. Unman The Banker Annuity
  • Blackbird Cigar Co Jackdaw Gran Toro
  • Montecristo White Series Rothchilde
Cigar King Club September 2022 Mild-Medium Selection

ashton classic CHURCHILL

Length: 7 1/2”

Ring Gauge: 52

Strength: Mild-Medium

Ashton is a unique brand in the premium cigar industry. They are one of the biggest premium cigar brands in the world, but they don’t own a factory. Instead they have deep relationships with their manufacturing partners. These ties are so deep that if they ask for a new blend or special edition, it is almost certainly met with a yes. And these aren’t some no name partners either. Their manufacturing partners are the Fuentes for their Ashton line, and Pepin Garcia for their La Aroma de Cuba and San Cristobal lines. Through these two partnerships, they have created a dynamic portfolio of premium cigars that can cover the palate of just about any cigar smoker. Their cigars run the gamut of flavor, strength, and body. It’s no wonder Ashton is one of the biggest brands in the industry.

Ashton Classic is the blend that started it all for this world famous brand. Way back in the days before the cigar boom of the mid-90s, a little shop in Philadelphia who had a catalog business made an arrangement with Arturo Fuente Cigars to produce something unique and highly special for the little shop. As premium cigar brands grew during the boom, this shop secured an unshakeable partnership with the Fuentes. The agreement was to produce any cigar bearing the Ashton name in the DR at the Fuente Factory. Fast forward 25+ years later and this partnership is still going strong. The Ashton Classic blend uses a blend of Fuente grown Dominican tobaccos for its filler and binder, but they use the finest quality USA grown Connecticut Shade wrapper to top the blend. Tasting notes include flavors of sweet cream, cedar, and earth along with hints of citrus, pepper, and cinnamon. Ashton Classic is still one of the best mild-medium strength cigar brands around.


Length: 6 1/2”

Ring Gauge: 52

Strength: Medium

Rating: 91

The Oliva portfolio of premium cigars is wide ranging and covers the bases of flavor profile and price points. No matter which of their products you choose, you are guaranteed a great tasting cigar at a fair price point. While some of their other marks get the lion’s share of attention, it’s worthwhile to look back and enjoy one of their first premium blends. Even after all these years, the Oliva Connecticut Reserve Series is still a champ. Though it’s been on the market for close to a decade, it keeps racking up the accolades. This cigar is a testament to the care and attention to detail that the Oliva family puts into products that bear their name.

The Oliva Serie G Cameroon is a delightful medium strength cigar with a ton of flavor. This blend was one of Oliva’s original premium blends and it continues to impress and receive accolades after more than a decade in the market. With Oliva’s tobacco growing and purchasing operations they have been able to consistently use outstanding quality leaf to make sure this bread-and-butter blend remains a top quality product. The blend includes Nicaraguan tobaccos for the filler and binder, and is topped with a top grade, genuine African Cameroon wrapper. Tasting notes include flavors of Oak, honey-roasted nuts, and earth with hints of pepper, doughy breads, and sweet cream. This is one of Oliva’s best selling blends and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great smoke at a great price.


Length: 6”

Ring Gauge: 52

Strength: Medium

Rating: 89

In 1843, a German banker named Hermann Upmann moved to Havana, Cuba to open an import/export business for a German firm that bought and sold tobaccos. In 1844, he purchased a small local cigar factory, and soon after the first H. Upmann cigar was born. Hermann could never have imagined that his little endeavor would become one of the world’s best known cigar brands. He was known for his innovation in the tobacco business and is credited with being the first cigar maker to package his cigars in cedar boxes. Honoring that commitment to innovation is what Altadis’ Grupo de Maestros is all about. Their guiding principle is to push the boundaries of a brand, while honoring the traditions and heritage of the brand’s past.

The H. Upmann The Banker pays tribute to Hermann Upmann and the journey that led him to create his eponymous brand. As a banker who was deeply involved with Cuban tobacco trade, the name is a fitting tribute. The blend begins with a rich core of premium, well aged filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. A Nicaraguan binder leaf is also used and the blend is topped with an almost shimmering Ecuadorian Habano wrapper leaf. Tasting notes include flavors of roasted nuts, coffee, and natural tobaccos with hints of leather, earth, and baking spices. This iteration of the H. Upmann brand is supremely enjoyable anytime of the day.


Length: 6”

Ring Gauge: 54

Strength: Mild

Can’t clip my wings! That’s the motto of this upstart, boutique cigar company. Blackbird Cigar Co. produces some really interesting sticks using great tobaccos. They also own their own factory in the Dominican Republic where they can control production from raw material to finished product. While the brand is young (it launched in 2019), their debut products created quite a stir in the industry. Each cigar blend they produce is named after a bird or bird-related. In this case, the blend is named after a black bird and called the Jackdaw.

The Blackbird Jackdaw is another outstanding blend from this relatively new cigar company. It’s made in their factory in the Dominican Republic with care using a rich blend of top tier tobaccos. The blend features filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, USA, and Nicaraguan Corojo ‘99 along with an Indonesian binder leaf. Topping the blend is a nice, golden Ecuador grown Connecticut wrapper. It’s a smooth blend that features flavors of sweet cream and cedar along with a hint of white pepper. The Jackdaw may not be overly complex, but it’s a cigar with a laid-back character that delivers a highly enjoyable experience that hits the spot every time.


Length: 5”

Ring Gauge: 52

Strength: Mild-Medium

Rating: 87

Montecristo is one of the most hallowed and recognized names in the world of premium cigars. With that kind of reputation and name recognition, introducing a new Montecristo requires not only careful planning, but a blend that continues to elevate the Montecristo brand to new heights. It’s this philosophy that drove Montecristo’s blenders to create the Montecristo Platinum Series. It is a cigar that honors the brand’s past triumphs and glory. How do they do this, you may ask? It’s no easy feat. In this case, they began searching their vast tobacco stores for leaves that are worthy to be included in the Montecristo Platinum Series of cigars.

The Montecristo White Series is a ray of sunshine in the Montecristo portfolio. A brand known for luxury and quality; these cigars live up to the hype. Using a blend of high-quality Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, a Nicaraguan binder, and an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper. These cigars are wonderfully elegant, smooth and make a great everyday smoke.With its golden, silky looking wrapper, the White Series is a delightful mild to medium bodied cigar. It has a toasty aroma and flavors of cedar, leather, and cream with hints of sweetness on the finish.