Arturo Fuente Casa Cuba Doble Seis

Length:  6″
Ring Gauge: 52

Casa Cuba is a tribute to the early days of cigar making, and it was the last blend created by the late Don Carlos Fuente, Sr. Using the time-honored traditions he learned from his father Arturo Fuente, Carlos Sr. set out to create a cigar that would capture the experience and flavors of traditional Cuban cigars. Carlos Sr. selected an Ecuadorian Havana wrapper and chose a mix of Cuban-seed Dominican grown long filler and binder tobaccos to create Casa Cuba. He blended these new cigars in the same manner he used blending Cuban tobacco many years before they set up shop in the Dominican Republic. Tasting notes include flavors of toasted breads, creamy coffee, and cedar with hints of pepper, milk chocolate, and baking spices. It’s a masterful blend and a beautiful final composition from Don Carlos.