DBL Cigar Baseball Bat


DBL Baseball Bat Cigar
DBL Cigar Baseball Bat

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Length:  7″
Ring Gauge: 64
Strength: Full

DBL is not a common household name in the premium cigar industry, but it’s a brand that should certainly be on your radar. DBL stands for “Dominican Big Leaguer” and was founded by Francisco Almonte who is a baseball nut and has been working with tobacco since he was a kid (literally). He studied and was taught the ins & outs of cigar making and blending from none other than Carlos Fuente and Lito Gomez. With a pedigree like that, DBL has some big shoes to fill and they deliver. Featured here is Almonte’s pride and joy. A fully smokable baseball bat shaped cigar (You cut the skinny end and light the large end – kind of like a torpedo).  

These DBL baseball bat cigars offer a beautiful presentation, and each are packaged in an individual cigar coffin. Each cigar features a blend of Almonte grown Dominican filler and biner tobacco. The wrappers will either be a Habano with Mexican San Andreas accents, Mexican San Andreas with Habano accents, or Connecticut with Connecticut Maduro accents.  No matter which version you smoke, expect a full bodied and full flavored experience.  It has a wonderful balance with flavors of coffee, earth, and cedar with hints of pepper.  These artful creations smoke really well!

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